Maine Coon cat Rescue is a volunteer-run organization that rescues Maine Coons and other cats in need. One of the biggest Maine coon Rescue is found in California, but they have volunteers all over the United States. If you live outside of California and are looking for a Maine Coon rescue near you, please visit their website to find one near you!

Maine coon cat rescue

Rescuing a Maine Coon from a shelter is an uphill battle.

Oftentimes, they don’t get adopted because people think they need too much attention and are too high maintenance. Fortunately, Maine Coons make excellent pets when they are given the right home. They’re intelligent, loyal, playful, and love to be social. If you’re looking for a great companion to join your family, please consider adopting a Maine coon kitten from a shelter home. These cats are affectionate and enjoy spending time with people.


Why do Maine Coons end up in shelters?

Maine Coons are big cats, so they need a lot of space to roam around! They also require a lot of grooming and the average Maine Coon owner doesn’t want to give up that much time.

Is it better to adopt a Maine coon from a rescue home or buy from a reputable breeder?

The debate of whether to adopt a Maine Coon from a rescue home or buy from a reputable breeder is as old as the breed itself. For those who want a purebred, it can sometimes be difficult to find one in rescue shelters. 

On the other hand, for those who are opposed to animal cruelty and pet trafficking, Adopting from a shelter home is unethical. , because it perpetuates the idea that animals are objects that can be bought and sold like any other commodity.

People have a range of opinions on this question, but there is not one right answer to it.

How much does it cost to adopt a Maine coon cat from a shelter home?

Adopting a Maine coon cat from your local shelter can be an affordable and rewarding experience. Maine coon cats typically cost between $55 and $550, depending on the animal’s age, gender, temperament, and breed. If you adopt a Maine Coon from a shelter, there will be an additional cost for a vet check and the first month of food.

Are Maine coon cats from shelter homes aggressive?

It depends on the personality of the Maine coon cat. They may be mild or aggressive, but it is not a common trait of this breed.

Top 5 Main Coon Cat Rescue in the USA

The main goal of the cat rescue is to find a home for every cat. It is important to note that there are many cats in need of rescue and adoption.

Arizona Maine coon cat rescue

is a registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the number of homeless cats by providing food, shelter, and medical care for stray and abandoned cats until they can be adopted into loving homes?

The organization is made up of a group of volunteers and operates on donations from the public. The organization does not have a shelter, but rather has foster homes for cats and kittens. The goal is to find permanent homes for the cats that are in need of one.

Az Maine Coon Cat Rescue - Mesa Pet shelter

Az Maine Coon Cat Rescue is a non-profit organization that rescues cats from the streets and shelters. They also provide medical care for the cats and find them loving homes.

The Mesa Pet shelter is a no-kill shelter in Arizona that provides temporary housing for homeless animals. You can contact Az Maine coon cat rescue if you are looking to adopt a Maine coon.


Chicago Cat Rescue! dedicated to helping homeless cats and kittens via rescue, adoption, and education of their human companions.

Chicago Cat Rescue! is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping homeless cats and kittens via rescue, adoption, and education of their human companion.

This organization has been around since 2003. They are all about giving these animals the best chance at finding a forever home by providing them with the necessary care and attention they need.

The volunteers at this organization are always on hand to provide resources for people who want to take in an animal or adopt one of their own. They also have a team of veterinarians that offer free services to help these animals get back on their feet.

This non-profit organization is always looking for volunteers, donors, adopters, and foster parents to help them with their cause.

Maine Coon Cat Rescue Groups, Organizations, And Resources.

There are many Maine Coon Cat Rescue Groups, Organizations, and Resources. Some of them are breed-specific while others focus on a specific area or region.

AZ-MCCR is one of the most well-known Maine Coon Cat Rescue Groups in the US. They have been rescuing Maine Coons since 1995 and they have helped over 8,000 cats find their forever homes.

Cheeto - Community Cat Rescue

We are a 100% volunteer-run/breed-specific rescue group that specializes in the Maine Coon Cat breed. We take in stray, abandoned, abused, and/or homeless cats from all over Maine, who would otherwise be euthanized. We then find them loving homes that are suitable for the specific needs of each cat. 

Maine Coon Cats are beautiful and intelligent animals who need lots of attention and can thrive with consistent human contact. They have been known to live for over 20 years, so they are definitely not a cat for every family. Maine Coons need to be walked regularly and entertained often as they can become bored easily. 

They need lots of attention from their human family members because they have high intelligence levels and can learn new tricks quickly. Their large size makes them good cats for families with children who are older.


It is highly debatable if Maine coon cat lovers should adopt their cats from a shelter home or just buy directly from a reputable. But if you are a cat lover that wants the best for cats and looking at the poor state of cats in rescue or shelter homes, it will break your heart to see them living like prisoners. 

It is our interest to educate the public that cats from shelter homes especially the Maine coon breed are not a trait to your family and kids especially but just caged animals looking to be free. if you ever have an opportunity to adopt a Maine coon cat, do not hesitate as they are waiting on you.


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