How to adopt a Wiz Maine Coon Kitten

Maine Coon Kitten Adoption Process! It is highly recommended that you review this page on the website and others in order to acquire all the information you need prior to starting the adoption process.

For me to verify your identification information and determine specifically what type of kitten or cat you are looking for, I need every question on your application to be answered honestly.

There is a chance that our breeding process will differ from others. In order to facilitate your adoption, Wiz Maine Coons want you to fully understand both the benefits and differences of adopting a Wiz Maine Coon.


Each of our cats and kittens receives socialization, care, and raising to make them feel like members of our big, beautiful, Texas-sized family of cats and kittens.

Our Maine Coons care about where they go just as much as you do. We want it to be a positive experience for our kittens and cats as well, so we strive to make it as good as it can be for everyone.

You will receive a welcome letter once your application is approved, which will ask you to create a log-in account so you can access the kitten information we have on hand. Within a week from the time you create your account, you will have access to the private page.


How much does my new Maine Coon kittens package include?

    1. We will provide you with a Wiz Maine Coon three- or four-generation pedigree certificate.
    2. While your kitten is with us, we will provide basic veterinary care, age-appropriate vaccinations, intestinal parasite and heartworm testing, and heartworm prevention.
    3. Upon request, both parents’ DNA can be provided.
    4. Within 30 days of being spayed or neutered, your new Maine Coon kitten will be registered with TICA or CFA.
    5. Wiz Maine Coon kitten is happy, healthy, beautiful, well-balanced, and big.
    6. Your kitten’s private photos will be sent to you directly through FB messaging or Instagram while you wait.
    7. Your kitten is covered by the Health Replacement Policy for five years.
    8. Pyrantel, Revolution, or Revolution Plus products will be used on your kitten routinely to treat parasites, worms, and fleas.
    9. Any questions, concerns, recommendations, or advice regarding your new Maine Coon may be directed to me at any time at my personal contact information.
    10. You’ll receive a complete kitten starter kit & adorable Maine Coon kitten travel carrier, which includes food, a collar, toys, and a comfort item to help ease the transition from the cattery to its new home.
    11. Upon going home, if your kitten has been sterilized or neutered, it will be microchipped.
    12. Individuals will decide whether to spay or neuter their pets. Our decision will be based on the kitten’s age and needs at the time, but ultimately we do what’s best for the kitten when it is ready.

Healthy Kitten Program from Wiz Maine Coon

Although Texas does not require breeders to provide a health certificate with your new kitten, our healthy Maine Coon kitten program has taken extra steps to ensure your kitten’s health.


A Healthy Kitten Screening must be completed by each Wiz Maine Coon kitten before it is placed in a new home.


Your kitten will be thoroughly examined by our veterinarian at the age of eight weeks.


During this visit, the doctor will also perform a fecal float test, an intestinal parasite check, a heartworm test, an FIV/FELV test, as well as the first round of core vaccinations.


As additional protection, all of our Dams and Sires have been DNA tested by Optimal Selection, and all the results are free of any tested feline genetic condition.


The results of our FIV and FELV tests for breeding cats are all negative, so the cats in our program can be bred.

A Wiz Maine Coon Adoption in 3 Easy Steps

Submit an application and become pre-approved

Completing the adoption application will let you adopt a Wiz Maine Coon today. We will invite you to create an account once our application has been pre-approved, and you will then be able to view our private kittens for adoption page. Upon reaching the minimum age of six to eight weeks, Maine Coon kittens and cats are available only to pre-approved applicants on a first-come, first-served basis.

Reserve your favorite Maine Coon kitten

maine coon kitten

As soon as you spot the kitten you are searching for, pay attention to the countdown timer on the Available Kittens page. When kittens become available for reservation quickly fill out your reservation request. After receiving the kitten you requested, you will be contacted through Zelle or another payment option for a $500 nonrefundable deposit, and you will be mailed a contract to review and sign. 

Take Maine Coon kitten home with you

Pick-up or delivery arrangements for your new Maine Coon kitten

At the age of 10-12 weeks, you will be able to finalize the arrangements for picking up or delivering your Maine Coon kitten. If the kitten is traveling out of state, you can choose an experienced delivery specialist. The transport service will be billed separately, and deliveries outside of North Carolina will be subject to availability.

Maine Coon Kittens For Sale With Breeding Rights

Kittens without breeding rights for Wiz Maine Coons are not available at the moment. As long as breeders share my ethical standards, I am open to making our lines available to them in the future. It is usually significantly more expensive to buy Maine Coons intended for breeding than Maine Coons meant for pet or show usage.   

Having a Maine Coon cattery that is excellent is not easy.

Breeding, raising, and owning pedigree Maine Coons requires hard work, dedication, and knowledge. Breeders who want to adopt Maine Coon kittens with breeding rights must enroll in or obtain a certificate of completion from a pedigree cat breeding course.   

PawPeds PawAcademy Courses are a great place to start if you are just starting your journey. In order to ensure that you get a chance to adopt one of the breeding cats, please apply as soon as possible because the waiting list is long.




Do you allow visits to the Maine Coon Cattery?

At the present time, we are unable to allow visitors into our cattery. Although Wiz Maine Coon Cattery is a family-run Maine Coon cattery, this is still our family’s home. We are committed to keeping everyone safe and healthy, including our Maine Coon kittens and cats. Due to this, Maine Coon kitten and cattery visits are restricted to pick-up only.


Are all Wiz Maine Coon kittens spayed or neutered before leaving the cattery?

There is the option to spay or neuter some Maine Coon kittens before they go home. The decision will be based on the individual situation. The neutering of male kittens is not done before the age of 12 weeks. If your kitten has already been spayed or neutered before leaving the Maine Coon cattery, we will microchip it. Our veterinarians will consider your request, but ultimately there will be a decision based on the kitten’s age and stage. 

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