Maine Coon Kitten Price are affected by a wide range of factors. CFA registered kittens from health tested parents are typically priced between $2000 and $3500 in 2022.

From food to grooming to vetting to importing, the costs of everything have gone up since COVID was created. Breeders will charge a different amount for kittens based on their similarity to an ideal specimen of their breed and the time and effort they have invested in raising such a specimen. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on bringing up a Maine Coon kitten.

Maine coon Kitten Price


  • Breeders microchip kittens to ensure the animals are returned if they are lost.
  • Homeless kittens will be taken back by the breeder.
  • Shots are given at the appropriate age by the breeder.
  • Parasite prevention is provided by the breeder.
  • Prior to placement, each kitten is spayed and neutered. This prevents the development of pyometra and the potential for resale.
  • It is necessary for the breeder to keep a kitten for a minimum period of 12 weeks. Breeders are advised to keep kittens until they are at least 12 weeks old by CFA and TICA ethics. Keeping kittens until this age ensures that they are emotionally and physically prepared for breeding. The emotional well-being and immune system of a kitten can be compromised for its entire life if it is allowed to leave too soon.

Maine Coon Breeders?

Finding a Maine Coon breeder to buy from can seem like a difficult task when you live in the US. There are so many states and so much space that it’s difficult to find a breeder in the first place, let alone one that is close by.

 It is time-consuming, expensive and stressful to drive hours out of your way for something you could have had easily if you lived in a less densely populated area.

That’s why we created a registry for Maine Coon breeders, to make it easier for those in the US to find a breeder when they’re ready for their new feline family member. Breeds are split into four categories – ‘Heritage’, ‘Exotic’, ‘Cat Breed’ and ‘Other’ – with all listings

Registered Maine Coon Breeders in the USA by State 2022

Find out the full list of Maine Coon breeders located in any state in the US.

Search no more for Maine Coon cat breeders in America. Our list is a perfect starting point for anyone looking to buy Maine Coon kittens or adults. If you’re interested in Maine Coon kittens for sale, check out our listings and find the perfect feline friend. We’ve been Maine Coons enthusiasts for over 25 years now, and we know how important it is to find a good breeder.

You are about to spend anywhere from $800-5000 on a kitten and you want to make sure it is a purebred Maine Coon. Be careful about getting scammed by other breeds though.

There are lots of Maine Coon breeders right here in the U.S., but finding the perfect one can take some time. You’ll want to speak with a breeder you trust and who is near your home as well. , and make sure you understand how the breeder’s business works. See what the other kittens are sold for and see if you can purchase them or get a deal on them.

Don’t feel like you need to go any further than your local shelter, but if there is no Maine Coon in your area, they may be able to help you find one through

If you’re looking for a Maine Coon breeder near you, this step by step guide will point you in the right direction. .To find a Maine Coon breeder in your area, first you’ll need to have an idea of what type of Maine Coon you’re looking for.

This can be anything from a short-haired breed to one with a long flowing coat; or one that might be fiery red, or grey as snow. You can even consider the size of your Maine Coon, whether you’re looking for a medium-sized breed or something on the larger side.




Maine Coon kittens are marketed by breeders in many states. For example, a breeder could be in one state and sell Maine Coons throughout the US. This means whenever you buy one, they’ll often offer lifelong support to teach you how to care for your kitty!


To find a breeder in your area, check the list of Maine Coons by state.


Find Maine Coon Breeders by state in the United States of America




How to find the best registered Maine Coon breeders

It’s easy to find Maine Coon kittens for sale in the US- the hard part is finding a reputable breeder. It can be challenging to find the best Maine Coon breeder, but knowing what to look for (and ask) beforehand will make it easier. .Here are some tips to finding the best Maine Coon breeder:

Confirm a Maine Coon breeder is registered with a trusted club

If a Maine Coon breeder they are registered, they should have the proof on the internet. You should always ensure their registration is not expired

The Maine Coon is the United States’ second most popular cat breed. The two top organizations Maine Coon cat enthusiasts register with are:

  • TICA – The International Cat Association

  • CFA – Cat Fanciers’ Association

These associations are just some of the clubs for people interested in Maine Coons or kittens. TICA and CFA only inspect catteries on their list whereas MCBFA & ACFA do not. It’s worth trying to speak to the vet involved, just in case they are vet inspected instead.

Check a breeder’s website and social media presence

Some Maine Coon Cat breeders have an agenda on their website that has all the details about their breeding cats, such as pedigree and future plans. Maine Coon kitten sales are huge, and they often come with a lot of details. These kitten breeders let buyers know what passes they’ve done and how their kittens have been raised. They also include lifetime support in the sales price

If you’re interested in any particular breeder, make sure to find them on social media and check out how often they post and what following they have. Breeders with nothing to hide show loads of pictures, keep their followers up to date, and share a lot. If a breeder doesn’t seem trustworthy or competent, don’t get a dog from them. There are plenty of other breeders out there, so you can just walk away and find someone better.

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