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Maine Coon Kittens For Sale In West Virginia

Are you planning on adopting a Maine Coon Kitten and are you in the West Virginia area? A Maine Coon breeder in West Virginia performing health checks and socializing their cats is your best bet!

You don’t need to look any further. I have compiled a list of the most important factors based on experience, reputation, quality, and client feedback for you to find the most qualified breeders in West Virginia.

The only way to make sure that a kitten lives a long and healthy life is to make sure it’s the best you’ve ever had. Providing you with a list of breeders to choose from is our goal in helping you narrow down your choices!

We have listed the top and most prominent Maine Coon Breeders in West Virginia with their contact information below.

West Virginia's Top Maine Coon Breeders

Maine Coon Kittens For Sale In West Virginia

West Virginia Maine Coon Cats 

  • Phone Number: 3047549742 
  • Directions: West Virginia Maine Coon Cats           
  • Website:http://mainecoonplace.com/ 
  • Address: Hedgesville, West Virginia


What Are The Benefits Of Buying A Maine Coon From The Breeder?

Once you’ve decided on a specific breed, you need to buy a kitten from a reliable breeder. Associations of breeders and breeders should be registered with their respective breed associations, as well as breeders should follow the rules and guidelines of those associations. Additionally, there are health checks for breeding cats as well as performances and beauty contests at cat shows.

A Kitten also receives pedigree papers, which are known as “pedigrees”. Based on these papers, it can be determined whether inbreeding occurred and whose ancestors were involved in the Kitten’s development.

Available Maine Coon kittens For Sale In West Virginia

It is great to buy a kitten near your home. This limit the stress of transporting an 8 weeks old Maine coon using lengthy shipping procedure and some cases poor transportation facilities. This in a  long run can affect the Maine coon healthy which will be costly to adjust. As such we provide you an alternative which is buying from a breeder closer to your home. If you are looking for a maine coon kitten near you, Please do not hesistate to contact us so we can guide you on how to go about it or you can check our available puppy page for Maine coon kittens for sale in Westian Virginia

How do you know whether a breeder is serious about Cats?

Maine Coon Kittens For Sale In West Virginia

It is typically the case that reputable breeders specialize in breeding only a single breed. By charging a lot of money for kittens, cat breeders make a lot of money breeding cats. A good and species-appropriate method of raising animals rarely yields profits. A breeder taking Kittens seriously does not sell them to everyone; they are interested in finding the ‘right’ buyer for them.

Do I know how to recognize a reputable breeder?

The first thing you should do is to make sure the dog breed demonstrates a clean, well-groomed appearance. You can also avoid scams by purchasing puppies from a reputable cat breeder:

  • How healthy and active do all the kittens seem?
  • The parents of the kittens are on-site? Would you be allowed to visit the Kittens more than once?
  • Do you want to discuss your living conditions with the breeder?
  • How would it feel if they knew where their kittens would live as precisely as possible?
  • Are there special measures taken by the cat breeder to ensure good outcomes for their kittens?
  • Do the kittens have any experience traveling by car or by train, for example?
  • What kind of experience do they have with other pets and children?
  • In the event that the buyer wants to return the cat, does the breeder have a right of repurchase?

Maine Coon Breed Overview

They have a large size, majestic appearance, and tassels on their ears, just to name a few characteristics that separate Maine Coons from other domestic cats. Their appearance resembles that of a miniature lynx. The characteristics and rules for caring for such a magnificent pet can help you to make it a wonderful companion.

Maine coon breed Overview

Maine Coon Kittens For Sale In West Virginia

Large and muscular, these cats belong to this breed. An average Maine Coon measures about 24.5 inches long.

  • height at the withers – 10-17 inches; 
  • weight of cats – 15-30 pounds, cats – 10-22 pounds. 
  • body length – 35-39 inches with the tail;

The Maine Coon cat is graceful and agile in spite of its impressive size.

Description of the breed as described by the World Cat Federation (characteristics of Maine Coon cats):

Its straight lines and heavy head give it an appearance of being large. The cheekbones on faces with chins are the same height as their noses, and those with cheekbones have prominent cheekbones. Due to their volumimetric vibrissae, the faces of Maine Coons are somewhat square.

They are large, wide, and sharply pointed. Sitting upright and high on the head, they are large, wide, and sharply pointed. Between one ear and the other, there is no more space than the width of an ear. An ear is enclosed by tufts of hair.

Round, large eyes dominate the face. They are widely spaced. Maine Coon colors correspond to the coloration of the iris.

Developed muscles are present in the medium-length neck. It is desirable for the collar to be fluffy and full.

The body is strong and elongated, looking roughly rectangular in shape. Among its features, a wide chest is evident, as well as an even topline.

Strength is evident in the limbs. Quite wide limbs are evident. Between the toes of the paws are tufts of hair, which give the paws a round look.

With a length that reaches nearly to the shoulder, the tail is straight and without kinks. The tip of the tail is broad and pointed at its base. The hair covering its tip is long.

There are two types of Maine Coon – the European and American varieties. Among different types, the first possesses a powerful physique, round eyes, and a luxurious tabby coat. In the second one, the body is longer, the eyes are slanted, and the coat is thinner.

What Should You Look For In A Maine Coon Kitten?

It is important to carefully prepare before choosing a kitten for the future in order not to be disappointed. Finding a responsible Maine Coon breeder is essential after you have read the breed standards, determined the goals behind its breeding, and determined the goals of the breed.

Attending breed shows is the best way to learn more about these cats, according to felinologists. Additionally, there is information about a breeder’s contact card, a cattery directory, as well as reliable reviews from Maine Coon owners.

Male or Female Maine Coon

There are differences in appearance and character between males and females of the Maine Coon. The females are smaller than the males. The males can weigh up to 30 pounds in height. They are less than half the weight as the females.

Individualistic and stubborn men are the norm. As kittens tend to dominate, owners must teach them from an early age that they are the lead of the pack. The females are often more active, and enjoy playing and engaging in fun activities. The playful and naughty behavior of mature male Maine Coons continues as they age.

Women tend to feel the love and affection from their family members more visibly, as they demand more attention and are often seen holding hands while seated. Despite this, men are somewhat cunning in their behavior.

Compared to males, females are more concerned with getting their appearance just right. They can lick their fur coats for hours until they are perfect. Consequently, they are easier to maintain.

Important. Each cat has individual character traits. You can only find out what kind of disposition a kitten has by observing.

For Maine Coon owners, it is important to understand that at the age of 6 and 7 months, males will start marking their territory. Even though cat urine after castration has a pungent smell, the odor does not go away.

It will also be difficult to handle females in heat. If sexual contact is not forthcoming, their behavior takes a turn for the worse and they call loudly for cats. These problems can be easily remedied by sterilization done in a timely manner.

Important. If a kitten Maine Coon is sluggish, its eyes are watery, there is discharge from the nose, sores on the body, and the coat smells unpleasant, it is better to choose another breeder. Most likely, this person is selling sick kittens

Maine Coons are not perfect, as there is no such thing. There are always going to be flaws, even in the world of upscale cats. The animal has numerous benefits that compensate for these disadvantages, providing an outstanding career as a show animal.

Conditionally, kittens are divided into 3 classes:

Pet – Many people choose to keep Maine Coons as pets. They do not qualify as exhibition animals or breeding dogs due to their weak or disqualifying phenotypes. They are significantly less expensive.

Breed –The cat’s pedigree is excellent, but there are a few deviations from the standards. A Maine Coon like this will produce excellent offspring when bred with the right pair. For this reason, animals in the breed class are usually used for breeding.

Show –There are very few kittens that fully conform to breed standards that are the most expensive. Cats from these breeders typically have high breeding and show rankings and are the result of excellent breeding programs. There is a good chance such animals will do well in the show ring, but they need to be taken care of carefully.

Potential kitten owners should take their abilities and wants into consideration when choosing a kitten.


For your information. In one litter,  pet,breed, and show classes can be born.


Can you tell me the average price of a Maine Coon Kitten in West Virginia?

There is an average tag price of $700-$2000 for a Maine Coon Kitten in West Virginia. Maine Coon Kittens could fetch up to $2500 or more from some breeders.

In order to determine the kitten’s price, several factors would need to be taken into account, including the kitten’s lineage, its parents, its health, and the breeder’s reputation.

It is important to consider the value of a kitten, but it is also important to consider the expenses it comes with. The essentials, such as grooming tools, food, and shelter, are important to provide your kittens.

How to Care for a Maine Coon Kitten

Catteries and breeding of Maine Coon kittens insure that they are able to acquire socialization skills and eat and eliminate properly before the age of 3 months. Since teaching is simplified, and the breeder’s recommendations should guide the introduction of the animal to the new home, it is appropriate to simplify the process of teaching the pet.

Maine Coon kittens should be introduced to their unfamiliar environment gradually and unobtrusively. Spending time with and playing games with the pet is important for the owner.

The development of cats depends on providing them with a comprehensive diet. The Maine Coon kitten should be fed according to the recommendation of specialists to ensure its health.

Important! Unlike other breeds, the Maine Coon is fully formed only by 3-4 years. Before this period, the cat grows up, and a person needs to take this circumstance into account in organizing the diet of a fluffy pet.

Animals can be better understood when they are observed on a daily basis. Training involves teaching cats to do exactly what they do naturally – the easiest way to do this is to use their natural instincts to teach them.

Unlike most felines, Maine Coons do not only eat and live like cats. Their wild ancestors and natural selection have given Maine Coons a reputation for their “manners.” Maine Coons often approach people wearing slippers, while other cats do not do this.


The type of force that would be used to raise a pet would result in the animal being stubborn and not obeying the owner.

An experienced person does not have any problems with the general care of the Maine Coon. Water is a favorite place for the breed, and it is well-known for its love of swimming and snorting loudly – these are traits genetically transmitted from wild ancestors to this breed over time.

Maine Coon Kittens for Sale or Adoption in West Virginia

If this doesn’t work out, we can also provide you with information from other breeders. Our goal is to find you a Maine Coon Kitten from one of the breeders listed above, but if that doesn’t work out, other breeders are also available.

These alternate platforms were added because of this reason. The platforms listed here will help you locate people near you who are willing to sell or adopt Maine Coon Kittens. Having an online kitten search can be an excellent alternative to searching for your very own kitten in the comfort of your own home.

Adopt A Pet

Whenever possible, you should look for abandoned kittens at shelters in order to give them a second chance at life.

Among the largest non-profit organizations in North America, this organization offers pet adoption services. Free of charge, it advertises to millions of adopters a month about the homeless pets of nearly 21,000 shelters, humane societies, SPCAs, pet rescue organizations, and pet adoption agencies.



A lovable kitten and a caring owner are matched by GoKitty. You can browse breed profiles to find the perfect animal for your lifestyle. Choose your favorite kittens or cats for sale from the available ones within your matching breeds, then save them. You can contact cat breeders, rescue groups, or pet owners for more information and to arrange a visit when you are ready.



In order to make your search for your future Maine Coon Kitten easier, we have carefully researched our breeder list.

Maine Coons become members of the family when they are born. Besides being beautiful and intelligent, they are also very loyal. When cared for properly, a kitten will become an emblematic representative of the breed and inherit all the benefits.

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