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The Maine Coon Cats:

Maine Coon Kittens For Sale In Wisconsin

Maine Coons can grow up to 4 feet long from nose to tail tip and weigh up to 35 pounds, making them one of the largest domestic cat breeds. Maine is the official state cat of this native American breed. They are big and gentle, with keen hunting instincts.

Rectangular-shaped cats have a rectangular body with a smooth coat, a strong bone structure, and a bushy tail.

The mane and tail of these creatures are ruffled, and the fur on their necks comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Their coats can range from short to medium in length. Due to their light undercoat, they require minimal grooming, while their coat becomes thicker during the winter months. They have water-resistant fur and big paws that make it easy for them to walk in the snow.

They are independent, loyal, and affectionate cats with above-average intelligence. Their favorite activity is to swim in water.

If you are interested in learning more about these wonderful cats or have never owned a Maine Coon before, visit  Maine Coon Cat Breed Information page.

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maine coon litters

Maine Coon Kittens For Sale in Wisconsin

Breeder Name




Dobrev Coons




Rumford Maine Coons



(262) 782-1110




(414) 617-4914

Dzcoonz Maine Coonz

Madison (near)


(608) 837-9332

Maine Coon Cats - The Owners Guide from Kitten to Old Age

If Maine Coon breeders joined forces, they could create the best owners’ guide for Maine Coons. We did just that!

Maine Coon Cats: Fun and Insightful is a book written by breeder and owner Rosemary Kendall that features Maine Coon cats in an informative manner. In addition, the author provides practical information on these adorable cats.

This guide will be an invaluable resource for owners of Maine Coons. In over 154 pages of information for Maine Coon owners, we address every aspect of owning one, from buying one to old age.

In addition to contributions from the most accomplished breed experts, three bonus chapters also feature breeders who also show Maine Coons.

A combination of funny and entertaining stories and useful, practical advice from our best breeders, this book combines the best of both worlds into an easy-to-read format.

With this Maine Coon owner’s guide and handbook, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your time. You can either buy a paperback or download an e-book from the website. Also, they make great gifts!

The following topics will be discussed: origins and history of the Maine Coon cat, types and colors, buying an adult cat or kitten, male or female, pros and cons, rescue, adoption, breeders, catteries, personality, socialization,

spaying, neutering, litter training, bringing your kitten home, grooming, combing, bathing, cat shows, health, vaccinations, training, understanding your Maine Coon, play and toys, food and nutrition, plus old age and what to expect.

“As a new Maine Coon owner I wanted an A-Z guide to help me through all the stages of life. It certainly met all my expectations.” – Amy Willis

“Clearly a professional book which covers everything you need to know about the Maine Coon – funny and informative at the same time.” – Alan Edwards

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