Adopt Maine Coon Kitten Online

Original price was: $750.00.Current price is: $650.00.

Adopt Maine Coon Kitten Online

It’s a pure breed; Maine Coon kitty. The kitten is fully vaccinated, and has a microchip and vet health certificate. We also give one monthly health guarantee. All tests are negative. Food for 72 hours (by request)


Majestic Maine Coon Cats For Sale: Beautiful, Gentle Giants Available

Our majestic Maine coon cats for sale also exhibit curious and playful habits. These beautiful, gentle giants socialize greatly and are the outgoing type, with other animals as well as with people, you can own one by placing an order from the most reputable Maine coon breeders usa. Their curiosity enables them to interact widely with various pets and humans. The feline version of a dog. Ideal companions for owners who want to avoid additional canine requirements. They are actively seeking social interaction and remaining kitten-like through life without extra energy.

Food: Royal Canin for kittens (dry food and soft food in cans), cottage cheese

Price for our coon kittens for sale includes :

*Age appropriate vaccines and worming
*International passport
*Health certificate
*Carrier bag if needed
*FeLV/Fiv test
*Fecal test
*Purebred certificate with breeding rights


> Nationwide delivery available at an additional cost for all our European Maine coon cats for sale
(Cargo delivery by plane | Car delivery | Personal delivery *door to door*)
> Financing programs available.


Purchasing Options for our coon kittens for sale:

1. When Pick up : Pay a $550 holding fee and then the remaining balance by the time of picking up the cats.

2. When Delivery: Pay a $600 holding fee and then the remaining payment needs to be made 1-2 days before scheduled delivery. Invoice will be provided.


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