Best Maine Coon Breeder Near Me

Original price was: $850.00.Current price is: $700.00.

Best Maine Coon Breeder Near Me

Gender: Male
Delivery: Delivery to other states is available
Food: Royal Canin for kittens (dry food and soft food in cans), cottage cheese

Get your well trained Top-Rated Maine Coon Kitten for sale at very affordable prices from best Maine Coon Breeder Near Me.


Maine Coon Breeders Near Me (You): Enjoy Active And Playful Maine Coon Kittens For Sale Florida

We are Maine coon breeders near me (you) with cats that can measure up to 4 feet from nose to tail tip and weigh over 5.9 – 8.2 kg. Worm and flea treatment is up to date and won’t need doing again until he’s 12weeks old. Astoria, our Maine coon kittens available eats Royal canine biscuits and is completely litter trained! He has been brought up in a loud environment with young children, he loves to sit aside, you and lay himself over your lap, he’ll be a real lap cat when he’s older for sure!! You can also buy Maine coon mix kittens and purebreds from us at any time of the year. Please click HERE to check out our Maine coon for sale near me(you)

Pictures really don’t do this boy justice… I’m allowing you to come and meet him and see for yourself how beautiful this boy is and how loving our Maine coon for sale near me(you) is – with covid-19 restrictions in place. If you would like to do anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us or place an order for our silver Maine coon directly from our website.

Purchasing Options As A Reputable Maine Coon Cat Breeders:
1. When Pickup: Pay a $550 holding non-refundable fee and then the remaining balance by the time of picking up.
2. When Delivery: Pay a $550 holding non-refundable fee and then the remaining payment needs to be made 1-2 days before scheduled delivery.

If you have any further doubts, please feel free to contact us. We are here to answer all your Maine coon mix kittens questions and feel very free to request more details on our European Maine coon kittens for sale discounts and promotions!

Return Policy for our European Maine coon kittens for sale Florida
According to the sales contract you can return the cat only in case of genetic disease detected.
*Allergy to the cat is not a cause for return.
*If a kitten stops using a litter box it is not a cause for return. (But we always can help to get him accustomed to litter box)

We offer 3 types of delivery as Maine coon cat breeders:
1. Delivery by plane. We use Delta Cargo, American Airlines, United airlines(PetSafe) and any other Airlines available at the time of delivery as our main carriers. Delivery is available to your nearest airport with their facility. We book flights and give you all needed information to pick your kitten up. You have to show your ID and AWB number at the airline facility.

*Option is not available if the temperature at each point is more than 85 degrees.

2. Delivery by car. We use delivery services to bring kittens directly to your home. This type of delivery works for near by States only. Price depends of delivery location.
3. Personal delivery. We use all kinds of transportation to make it ”door to door”. Works for all States. Ask for the price.

You are always more than welcome to pick your kitten up at our location.


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