Where to buy maine coon kittens! Maine coon breeders have a huge responsibility to breed out the genetic health defects in their cats. You should only buy a Maine coon from a reputable breeder. This website will tell you what to look for in one of these breeders.

Where to buy maine coon kittens

Choosing a Maine coon breeder has never been easier. For the first time ever you can research a breeder’s cats prior to deciding which kitten to buy. Recent research at Cornell University has developed a tool called the Ohio State University Cat Genetics Project.

This tool allows you to research a kitten’s health prior to making a life long commitment. All you need to do is take a cheek swab from the kitten you are interested in and upload the results to this tool. The tool will then give you the percentage chance that the cat will get any one of over 300 genetic diseases.

Maine coon cats are one of the costliest cat breeds. Around $1,198 is the average cost for a Maine coon kitten in the United States. The price of a Maine coon cat depends on the factors like color, age and place. To start with, the basic price of an average maine coon can be around $400- $1,000. It can go higher if there is an interest in the color of the cat, the age of the cat, and if the Maine coon cat is still a kitten. If you are thinking to buy one, then you have to first make a list of factors that you think important. This will help you in staying within your budget.

Are Maine Coon cats high maintenance?

Maine coon Cats are not high maintenance by any stretch of the imagination. They are remarkably easygoing, not prone to being temperamental or requiring a lot of attention. They are known for being excellent hunters, so they will generally stay on their own and hunt when the mood strikes them. Some sources say that the Maine coon should be kept indoors and that they require a lot of attention.

In reality, however, they are very self-sufficient and do not need much human interaction. Maine coon Cats are very curious cats, and they will investigate their environment on their own. Frequently, they are much more interested in playing or climbing a tree than they are in coming when called. While you should definitely try to socialize your Maine coon Cat, you should not force him to remain near you at all times, as this will cause stress for him.

Do Maine Coon cats shed a lot?

Keeping up with the grooming needs of your Maine coon cat can be a daunting task. Cats are good about keeping themselves groomed, but as he ages you may find that he is producing more fur which makes it hard for him to keep things tidy (although your older cat will probably appear just as regal in his thick winter coat). If you live in a temperate climate like the Pacific Northwest, where winters are mild and rainy at best, you will find that your Maine coon cat requires fewer grooming sessions – so don’t worry too much!

Do Maine Coons smell?

The answer to this question is ‘Yes, they do smell. I have always found them to have a very distinct smell.’ Maine coon cats are considered as one of the best domestic cat breeds. They are large, furry and have a strong musculature. The tail of the cats is proportionately longer. Their fur is thicker and their nose is wide compared to other cat breeds. For this reason, many people are not fond of the smell of the Maine coon cats.

Do Maine Coon cats get along with dogs?

Where to buy maine coon kittens

It’s no secret that dogs and cats can be difficult to get along. It’s not that they hate each other, it’s just a matter of canine and feline personalities that don’t always mix well. Dogs tend to be hyper, loud and excitable, while cats are sleek, calm and seemingly aloof. Many times, the cat is the instigator. Maine coon cats are very intelligent and independent.

They don’t like to be bothered while they’re eating, playing or sleeping. To make matters worse, Maine coon cats can be very territorial. When another animal attempts to get close to them, they will swat the creature in question with their paws. This can be very dangerous when a Maine coon cat decides to swat a dog. A dog can get injured quite badly by a single swipe of a cat’s paw.

How much do Maine Coon cats eat?

Maine coon cats have a large body size, which means they need a lot of food to work at an optimal level. A rule of thumb for adult Maine coon cats is that they should have about 240 calories every day. But there is also a wide range of eating habits depending on the individual cat. Some cats eat a lot more, some eat less. If your Maine coon eats less than expected, you may need to take her to the vet due to a possible underlying health concern.

How many times should you feed a Maine Coon cat?

Feed a Maine coon adult cat 2-3 times a day, and kittens between 3-5 times a day. Feed only ¾ to 1 cup of high quality cat food per meal. Between meals, you should offer fresh water. Maine coon kitten food should contain 1.5 to 2 times more protein and fat than recommended for adult cats. Obligate carnivores like cats need a significant amount of animal protein in their diet for optimal health.

How much should a Maine Coon weight at 4 months?

where to buy maine coon kittens

They can very easily weigh up to 15 Kg or 36 pounds when they reach adulthood. A Maine coon cat will normally weigh between 10 and 16 pounds when they are 4 months old. You can easily get your Maine coon kitten to gain healthy weight by feeding it with kitten food. To make sure you are giving it the best kitten food, check the label on the bag and find out the list of ingredients. Kitten food should always contain high amounts of proteins and fibers. It should also provide more energy than adult food for the growing kitten.


Maine Coons are available from a variety of professional sources such as specialized breeders, private breeders, shelters, and rescue centers. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. Thank you for reading, we are always excited when one of our posts is able to provide useful information on a topic like this!

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